Yana, many thanks for a wonderful day in our lives, good mood, ease, professionalism in work. It is a pleasure to work with you, because there was no feeling of discomfort, which is a rarity in our time. We wish you as many positive couples as possible, wonderful working moments, and see your dazzling smile more often) You are smart)


We didn't choose a photographer. We knew Yana for a long time and as I followed her work, noted her style for myself, I liked it! Day X was approaching and I didn’t choose, I immediately wrote to Yana. She listened carefully to us at the meeting before the wedding, took into account all the wishes and captured everything, nothing was left missing, everyone was in the frame! And it’s not even worth talking about how cool the photos turned out, and what a sensation they made - it’s not even worth talking about, the picture will tell you better than any words :)
Thank you, Yana, your photos are printed in large format in no less than 5 houses !! and we love them every time :)


Now every couple is very carefully preparing for the wedding, choosing a host, a photographer and sometimes an organizer to think through everything to the smallest detail. We had it. Yana's works were shown to us by our organizer, I fell in love with them immediately. I know little about the art of photography, but I can say one thing: it is very important for me that they are alive, real, that people do not look like wax figures, so that looking at the photo, the whole atmosphere of the holiday is conveyed) Reviewing photos with family, friends, we always hear that we are very lucky with the photographer. But it really is! Yana, it’s a pity that now we are in different cities, but St. Petersburg and Rostov are not so far away, right?)) It was very nice to be the sight of your lens! Creative success to you, a lot of work) and a great vacation!









I want to express my deep gratitude to the photographer of our wedding - Yana Subbotina, for such wonderful pictures that will warm our hearts for many, many more years!



I saw Yana's work in the profile of a make-up artist with whom I had previously worked. I liked the works very much. Chose from many and did not regret. Tasks were set and Yana treated the work with all responsibility. Worked on a photo shoot and then on an event. At the event, I was very nervous and I was not at all up to the photo. Then Yana took everything into her own hands and the whole process was on her. Thank you so much for that, I didn't even have to worry about anything. The photos came out great and my guests and I were delighted. It is very easy and pleasant to communicate and work with Yana. You can say what you want and not worry about the result. It was a pleasure to work with you, many thanks for the wonderful photos.






We are grateful to Yana for the wonderful pictures, it was very pleasant to cooperate! Thank you for the fact that, thanks to you, we have a wonderful memory of our holiday of love, the day when we became one!



We invited Yana to capture my birthday. The photos turned out magical - there are also beautiful staged ones - even on the cover of a magazine, there are also amazing natural, live ones! It was very comfortable to work with Yana, she suggested what and how best to do, offered her options and formalized our ideas. Thank you so much Jan for the great photos!





From the first meeting, I realized that Yana is a very open, positive person, namely "Our person". On the wedding day, everything was so comfortable that it seemed to me that we had known each other for many years and this gave confidence, did not constrain at all and constantly wanted to smile, which we did) The photos were ready on time, by a significant date of 3 months of married life)) Thank you very much for 500 heartfelt photographs with a great story. And for your hard work!


Yana, thanks again for the wonderful photos! It’s very easy to work with you, it’s cool, when you find contact with a person on the set, it’s easier to work immediately !!! The retouching and colors in the photos are simply magical !!!!





10 days before the most solemn and important event in my life, despite the short deadlines, I could not decide on the choice of a photographer for my wedding ... The offers were different .... and it seemed that I had already made my choice, but in a day before concluding an agreement with another photographer, I was recommended to see the work of Yana Subbotina. My reaction was expected for connoisseurs of the work of this person, I fell in love with her work from the first photos. Then the thought crept into my heart about the desire to invite Yana to the event ... and, obviously, that I was right in my choice ... she is great she feels the atmosphere of the event, very accurately conveys the mood of the holiday, she is an incredibly pleasant person and a professional in her field. Yanochka, thank you for the gorgeous photos, they are flawless and filigree...They contain exactly those happy moments that will be with me forever, thanks to your magic lens! And special thanks to your inspiration, thanks to which I was able to enjoy the finished photos so quickly! You are just amazing


My review will be super positive and positive, just like Yana Subbotina herself. This open, easy person knows how to work and create a mood. We are grateful to our friends for the recommendation, after the first meeting everything became clear, but when we received several photos the next morning, even my stern husband melted and reviewed them several times :)) I liked the style of photo processing, unobtrusively and warmly :) I would named him that! And this is only the vision of the photographer, his skills and abilities! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to Yana and Nikolai for their participation in our happiness?





Yana, I am very glad that the stars aligned and you came to Voronezh when I needed a good photographer. Thank you very much for the light and cheerful atmosphere in the studio. But I want to say even more thanks for the wonderful, bright and lively photos. I get great pleasure from watching them, it is important when it turns out even better than you imagined it) Thank you very much again, you are a master of your craft)


Yana, thank you very much! We really liked the photos! I came out great on almost all the pictures)) And most importantly, thanks for the ease of communication, which is very important for the newlyweds, since everyone probably has excitement, even if you are a wedding registrar, like me :) On this special day, you helped a lot , gave a good mood and there was a feeling that we had known each other for a long time! What is very important on such a day! Photos fire, you too! Let's work together again! Thank you)





And I haven’t had a wedding yet, but when I need beautiful pictures, I always turn to Yana! I am always the most satisfied ☺️


I rarely leave reviews, but now I can't be silent))) I'm so glad that after a long search I finally found such a wonderful photographer Yana. From the first meeting, I realized that this was our photographer, we immediately found a common language, it is very easy to communicate with her, she understood me perfectly. We only had a couple of hours of shooting, and Yana had a big task in these 2 hours to take such photos so that both the bride and groom were happy for a long memory. So Yana, of course, coped with this task one hundred and even two hundred) When a month later I received a message: "the photos are ready, enjoy viewing" I did not immediately decide to open them))) So when my husband and I looked at them, we stayed more than happy, everyone is amazing, she conveyed everything exactly as I wanted, and the photo is one of the main ones in the wedding, because the wedding took place, and we will review them all our lives! I want to express my deep gratitude to Yana, you are really a professional in your field.





We are very happy that it was Yana who was the photographer at our wedding, fate itself found her for us!!! taking pictures, it became comfortable and he even got a taste of it and even wanted another photoset!!! !) it turned out just incredibly sensual and beautiful!!! We had no doubt that we would be satisfied with the result, because Yana is a great professional in her field!!! All our relatives and friends have already received recommendations for photosets for their solemn events to Yana!!! I think those who look through this site and 100% reviews will not remain indifferent to her work !!! A person who really does his job and does it well !!! I recommend Yana to everyone so that the wonderful moments of your life remain in your memory the way you remember them!